Police Stop

Posted on Jul 4, 2014 in Highlights

Police Stop - video image - Rob Vandermark

In the midst of the second most intense lightning and rain storm in which I’ve ridden, Patria and I had an interesting and memorable experience.

“Two crazy cyclists were on the road.”

As we were rolling along in a very heavy downpour I noticed flashing blue and white lights behind us.  These lights eased up to Patria; I could hear her talking between the thunder, torrential rain, and cars whizzing by.  My first thought was, “getting yelled at by the police for being idiots will really make this evening perfect.”  I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Dave Barker of the Boxford Police saved the night.  He pulled up next to Patria and me and asked if he could help us.  None of the three of us knew exactly what help might look like, but we slid our soaked rear-ends into his vehicle and chatted while lightning struck all around us.  There really weren’t any great solutions:  leave our bikes or wait out the rain.

We settled in for a few minutes while water pooled on the vehicle’s floor.  The rain abated – slightly – and the time between lightning and thunder seemed to take about a second or two longer.  Perfect riding conditions.

Dave suggested a route that would bring us through a few town centers – for safety.  We followed that route, thankful for his recommendation.  Along the way, another Boxford police car checked in with us – I assume Dave called in to alert his fellow officers that two crazy cyclists were on the roads.

We made it to camp while rain still fell heavily; that’s another story.

Thank you Dave, for stopping to check on us, letting us warm up for a few minutes, and for not making us feel more idiotic than I already felt.

Police Hi - video image - Rob Vandermark

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  1. Dave
    March 19, 2015

    Hi Guys,

    Just saw this and glad you made it back

    Officer Barker

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