Everything Is a Nail - photo - Rob Vandermark

Everything Is a Nail

This journal is about riding bikes in slightly unusual ways.  My documentation method is images and vague details about some of rides I’ve done.  These rides are usually multi-day adventures involving mixed terrain, lots of darkness, and odd confusing routes.

I put this site together in order to document some of the equipment, routes, terrain, bikes, and cycling experiments in which I’ve been involved.  My interest is to learn from each ride project; however, my memory is poor so if I don’t document what I’ve learned I will keep making the same mistakes again and again.  This site is that document.

Some other projects on which I get to work:

Social media that I don’t really use:

Patria at the Colorado River near the Kokopelli TrailPatria is the person that gets me through all these bad ideas.  Her socials are here:

  • Instagram – Lots of great images from the trail.
  • Quiet Fondo Dirt – Patria’s provides her perspective on our adventures – and some of her own adventures I can’t keep up with.
  • Life on Skinny Tires – Some good history of her adventures.

I hope you find interesting the images and information I provide in this journal.

Enjoy the ride.

– Rob Vandermark